Where does a senior manager earn most?

I read an interesting news in the publication The Economist where you can see a comparison of the top executives salaries around the World.

Dasein Executive Search found that chief executives and company directors earned more in São Paulo, Brazil’s business capital, than in New York, London, Singapore or Hong Kong.

The survey compared base salary, but bonuses in Brazil are generous too,and the comparison understates the cost of hiring in Brazil: its payroll taxes are among the world’s highest.

You can check another report about prices and earnings around the World: Prices and earnings – Report by UBS – updated August 2010.

We live in a global World, though the barries to work in Brazil are not trivial, now you know where you can make good money. Do we pack the luggage?


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  1. This is just a question of time. If this tendency could subsit over 10 years then we can expect a new lider in the world outside NY, what do you think ? Is it posible or is just another south american dream ?.
    Best Regards.