Trying to post again

I don’t aspire to impact on anybody and I just like to share my current opinions and interests, so I really don’t care about the blog statistics, but a blog without new content doesn’t make any sense.

Well, the last months I didn’t publish any post and I was even considering closing the blog.

I have started a new challenge in my career and now I am moving my life to Latin America, where my office is mainly in the airports. I have to travel to many countries across LatAm.

This is a vital experience and I am meeting new friends and discovering different cultures, both in my personal and professional life.

As for the blog, I don’t have much time for many things I did in the past. Nevertheless I have felt again the need to write in the blog. I can’t commit to do it in a regular manner, but I will try it.

I’m here again and wish to read your comments to my posts.