My favorite iPad Apps: IA Writer

Most of the iPad users just browse the web, the email and some documents; but not many people type on the iPad.

If you need to write some long emails or documents, you will realize that the standard keyboard is not very comfortable. It was my case.

I discovered this unexpensive application that help me to type in a very convenient way: IA Writer

Writer’s keyboard extension (with Word and ← β†’ keys) lets you navigate via arrow keys and type punctuation without switching the keyboard. The unique FocusMode lets you concentrate on one sentence at a time. Do and undo with a simple two finger swipe.

After writing, you can save the text, copy-paste it to other application (like email) or save it in your Dropbox account as a txt file.

It’s really a useful stuff.



  1. Another similar application is “my Texts pro”. Look at them in Apple Store and make your choice.

  2. Francis Cordon


    Do you know if these apps are available for the iPhone? Or something similar?
    I type a lot on the iPhone (for example, right now commenting on some of your blog entries)…. To the point that people have suggested I look into buying a keyboard to carry around with me! But I guess that defeats the whole point, now, doesn’t it? πŸ˜€

    • eplaced

      Hi Francis, a similar app for typing on the iPhone is “Text Writer”. It’s not the same, but it’s a good keyboard to make typing easy.


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