Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring – Sept 2011

Here you have the last report of Gartner Group about Application Performance Monitoring.

APM as a technology category is closely related to, and frequently confused with, four other technology categories: Application Management (AM), Business Service Management (BSM), Business Process Monitoring (BPM) and Business Transaction Management (BTM).

This market is growing very well (15% increase in software license last year) and this confirms how relevant is this topic for the enterprises.

The report analyzes the APM market considering 5 different dimensions.

End-user experience monitoring — the capture of data about how end-to-end application availability, latency, execution correctness and quality appeared to the end user.

Runtime application architecture discovery, modeling and display — the discovery of the software and hardware components involved in application execution and the array of possible paths across which these components could communicate to enable that involvement.

User-defined transaction profiling — the tracing of events as they occur among the components or objects as they move across the paths discovered in the second dimension; this is generated in response to a user’s attempt to cause the application to execute what the user regards as a logical unit of work.

Component deep-dive monitoring in application context — the fine-grained monitoring of resources consumed by and events occurring within the components discovered in the second dimension.

Analytics — the marshaling of techniques, including behavior learning engines, complex-event processing (CEP) platforms, log analysis, and multidimensional database analysis to discover meaningful and actionable patterns in the typically large datasets generated by the first four dimensions of APM.

I love to see End-User experience monitoring as the most relevant.

Gartner Group Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

Gartner Group Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

I’m specially impressed with the the progress showed by Optier, where I have good friends that are developing cutting edge software and sustain an organic growth. I want to highlight as well that Compuware confirms its focus on this market and they will have an even better position with the Dynatrace acquisition.

It’s easy to expect more acquisitions by the big players. The quadrant includes 28 vendors, that means there is still room for market consolidation and there are different approaches that make any comparison very difficult for the customers.