Connect the dots and find what you love

Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) in Stanford. Commencement Speech – 2005.

This a well-known video, but I just want to invite you to watch it once again.



  1. Significantly, I have JUST (1 minute ago) watched this video and forwarded it to my daughter, expecting to get her connecting her own points.

    I wish you a great success with your brand new blog and all other stuff!!!

    Nice blog!


    • Thanks Pablo and Farero. I am still learning about how to blog and hope to bring some interesting point.

  2. Francis Cordon

    What are we doing with our ‘now’?
    My father died totally unexpectly many years ago, always thinking of a ‘better future’. It taught me a lesson, we can only count 100% on our ‘now’. What are we doing with it?

    Thanks for this inspiring post, Enrique!

  3. The most important part of my life is not the future, it is the present, the eternal discussion of time&money. Time time time.