CloudSleuth: Global monitoring of IaaS and PaaS providers

If you are choosing your IaaS or PaaS provider, or if you already have a provider, you will want to know how it performs from the different locations where your end users are.

CloudSleuth continuously monitors a sample application running in each of the major cloud service providers. In real time, you will see how well the sample application performs over time from Internet backbone locations around the globe.


It runs some test transactions on the deployed target applications and monitors the response time and availability from various points around the globe. Hundreds of data points from each successive test run are collected and aggregated into a cloud performance database. This enables users to visually interact with the data from the cloud performance database.

CloudSleuth: Global monitoring of IaaS and PaaS providers.

You need real data to make better design decisions as to know how to deploy applications into the cloud.

You can even load your own test application into some providers and use CloudSleuth to do your benchmark.